Proof Program

Our Proof Portrait Program provides your families with the most flexibility to customize their
purchase with minimal work for your center.

Benefits to Center
  • Complimentary Staff Packages
  • FREE Staff ID's 
Benefits to Parents
  • Variety and choice of poses and backgrounds
  • Easy ordering
  • Affordable portraits and photo gifts
  • FREE online sharing

How It Works

We photograph all children. All children photographed will receive a proof sheet that parents can preview in the comfort of their own home. Parents can order portraits online, by phone or by returning their order form and payment to their center.

Before Picture Day

Materials will arrive at your center with instructions to help you promote picture day and maximize your commission.

On Picture Day

Our experienced photographer will work with you to ensure a successful Picture Day.

Please review any special situations or needs with your photographer.

After Picture Day

Proof sheets will arrive at your center within 2 weeks to distribute to your families.

Encourage and remind parents to order by the due date.